The Last Kingdom Season 6 Trailer (2024) | Netflix | Alexander Dreymon, Tobias Santelmann, Emily Cox

The Saxon Stories book series by Bernard Cornwell served as the source of inspiration of The British historical fiction television show The Last Kingdom. After five seasons it received such a favourable reception that the fans are eagerly looking forward to any announcements about The Last Kingdom Season 6.

Stephen Butchard created the television show, which made it debut on BBC Two on October 10 in 2015. Netflix produced the show’s second season. After being acquired by Netflix in the year 2018 the show was then created by them on their own for three more seasons.

The five seasons of the show and 46 episodes were brought to the end on March 9 2022. Seven Kings Must Die, an epic prequel that wrapped the plot of the show it premiered on Netflix on April 14, 2023. But, here’s what you should be aware of The Last Kingdom Season 6.

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