44 Hidden Secrets Gross Issues That All Women Do However Don’t Discuss About

  1. The same br* over at most one week.
  2. I wear that br* at least once every six weeks, since this is the sole one which can work with the specific top but never washing it.
  3. Old br*s in your wardrobe which are not the best size, but you’re not able to let them go.
  1. Injecting a br* into the laundry basket, then removing it as you notice how uncomfortable all the other br*s are.
  2. Checking the tampon you’ve used after you’ve used it.
  3. and recognizing the fact that “bl*od” can be a very poor explanation of the concept that a”period” actually is.
  4. A sanitary towel is worn along with the Tampon.
  5. The pubes are trapped inside the pad’s “wi*gs.”
  6. Really enjoying digging out the hair that is ingrown.
  7. In-depth sessions with tweezers that you will get each and every one.
  8. Make hair art for the shower walls with all the hair falling off your head.
  9. It is quite satisfying to take out the hairs that are stuck in your thigh crack.
  10. The twirling of your pubics in a very non-sexy manner.

11. You own a pair of scissors only you use to reduce the length of your pub*s.

12. or just trim your pubic area with any scissors and hope no one notices.



13. You can also cut them while you’re on the toilet, and marveling at the amount of hair you can cut off.

14. And also, being afraid you’ll cut yourself a crucial piece of wood.

15. Eliminating all your pub*s, and then getting awed by your vag*na’s nakey.

16. Eliminating all your pub*s and then swearing they had hidden a whole extra stomach roll.



17. Get rid of your pub*s, and relaxing in the fresh air.

18. Eliminating all your pub*s and then regretting it right away because you look like a huge baby.

19.Owning old kn*ckers whose pubic bones have worn an opening in the front.

20. Still wearing the old kn*ckers and creating the cutest pubic ponytail that goes through the hole.

21. I’m secretly thinking that this is an excellent appearance.

22. Consuming a bite of food that’s fallen into your body.



23. Use the br* of yours as pocket, because women’s pockets in jeans are ineffective.

24. The act of storing something in you br* and not thinking about it and then recalling it later when you take off your bra that night and it’s gone.

25. Learning how to remove your bras without removing your top.

26. Doing this almost every time you return back from work.

27. You should only shave your legs when you know that they’ll be in the spotlight.

28. Then only trim those areas that be visible.

29. Shaving your toes.

30. Do not forget to shave your feet.

31. A little bit offended and happy to go for an upper-leg wax and they shave your feet without needing to ask.

32. You’re playing with your own b*obs and b*obs in the mirror.

33. Dodging them around and hoping to find one that was just as good as the ones you have in your own hands.

34. Then, you can push them up to your chin for a look at how you would look in an old-fashioned corset times.



35. Then, you can push them down to see how they’ll look when they start to get more saggier.

36. Making ’em do a lil’ dance.

37. Plucking your ni*ple hairs.

38. Then there’s the belly button.

39. It’s a blast popping an area.

40. In addition, you’ll have to pop them which aren’t quite ready.

41. Scratching your back and giving it a sniff to ensure everything is in order.

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