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Pirates of the Caribbean 6: The Plot

In the years since Pirates of the Caribbean 6 was first announced in 2018, many screenwriters have re-looked at the script. At first, Deadpool screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were set to draft the screenplay. Ultimately, Craig Mazin, the creator of The Last of Us, the HBO The Last of Us series The Last of Us, joined the original Pirates of the Caribbean screenwriter Ted Elliot in 2019.

The only information about the plot you need to note is the film’s end before it. Dead Men Tell No Tales included an after-credits scene featuring Davy Jones. Even though Will believes Jones shows up to him in an unreal situation, viewers are given the reality that Jones is actually in the room by the camera’s zooming to reveal barnacles residing on the floor. So, the sixth movie may focus on the villain with tentacles returning to the series.

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