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Will Johnny Depp Return to the Franchise?

Whether or not Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow will make a comeback has been a major topic of discussion for many. Fans’ opinions have been divided, with some opposed to his return Depp and others refusing to watch a film without their beloved character. Many personal and legal issues have plagued Depp after being accused of domestic violence by the ex of his wife, Amber Heard. Even though he appeared to emerge out of this trial at the top legally and in the public’s eye, his reputation and career are more fragile. While other corporations may be more willing to work with him once more after the evidence from the trial has been made publicly available, Disney may still stay from defending their image in the eyes of the public.

It’s not only that Disney cut relations with Depp; however, Depp seems to have cut ties with them in a sense of being deceived by Studio. Depp stated that nothing on earth could convince him back to Disney and said, “There was a deep and clear feeling of being that I was betrayed by those who I’ve fought for. People I presented the character to initially hated but I stayed to the character and it did seem to work.” But, Depp has also expressed his disappointment over being unable to say an appropriate goodbye. Bruckheimer said he is hopeful to make Johnny Depp back to the franchise.

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