Peaky Blinders Season 7 Trailer Netflix And Release Date Updates

Is Peaky Blinders Returning for Season 7?

Peaky Blinders’ creator Steven Knight said in January 2021 that the BBC drama would end with Season 6 during its COVID-time production. As a result, it is unlikely that the show will return for Season 7. Nonetheless, there is another side to this matter as the tale of Birmingham’s Shelby family isn’t exactly finished at this point.

In a proclamation that went with the closure declaration, Knight guaranteed that while Peaky Blinders was finishing, “the story will go on in another structure:”

“Peaky” has returned with a vengeance. After the implemented creation delay because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we find the family in outrageous danger and the stakes have never been higher. We accept this will be the best series of all and are certain that our astonishing fans will cherish it. While the television series will be reaching a conclusion, the story will go on in another structure.”

While Peaky Blinders was supposed to go on into Season 7, the Shelbys will presently return in a film all things being equal, with the potential for side projects to trail not very far behind that.

Knight let Hurray know how the finish of Season 6 denoted “the finish of the start,” with the death of Polly entertainer Helen McCrory being among the elements pushing toward the show’s decision:

“We recently felt, additionally with the deficiency of Helen [McCrory], that everything appeared to be pointing towards doing what I’m calling ‘the finish of the start’. We should end the start, then how about we do the film. And afterward how about we see where we go as far as side projects.”

The showrunner let Assortment know how losing an extended time of creation because of the pandemic was likewise a consider supplanting Season 7 with a film:

“Coronavirus went along, and we lost a time of creation. So we set out to really focus and felt that it would be smart to do a film as opposed to doing series seven.”

In a post on the authority Peaky Blinders Instagram to praise the show’s 10th commemoration in September 2023, Knight prodded more stories to approach future with a mysterious and enticing assertion.


The showrunner advised viewers to “watch this space” because “the story is not yet over.” Following his quote, a note teased “here’s to the next ten,” possibly hinting at long-term plans for the Birmingham criminal underworld:

“The show’s phenomenal global success is due to the brilliant and dedicated team that makes it possible. 10 years on and the story isn’t yet finished. Watch this space.”

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