How Much is AAA Insurance? AAA Indemnity?

The Automobile Association of America, commonly referred to in the United States as AAA or Triple-A, offers car insurance in certain states. The company has a tremendous financial strength rating through A.M. Best and a positive customer reputation.

A few of the benefits AAA includes are an elimination of the insurance for loan/lease gaps as well as a theft discount. They also offer security, loyalty and the ability to bill without paper.


The price of triple AAA insurance depends on where you reside and your chosen insurance. AAA is an agent in certain states and can refer you to a company similar to State Farm or Progressive to help you purchase the policy. However, in most states, AAA sells its car insurance directly, providing excellent customer service and a simple process for filing claims. They also offer benefits like the disappearing of deductibles, which lower your collision and comprehensive deductible by $50 for each policy year without submitting a claim. Enhanced Total Loss replacement allows you to replace your car with a new one instead of merely the market value. It also offers Loan/Lease Gap insurance, which covers the gap between the current market value of your vehicle and the balance you owe.

The AAA membership is not included in the price of insurance for your car and can range from $50-$100 each year. Discounts offered to AAA members include discounts for multiple cars, paperless billing, and loyalty rewards following a complete period of the policy.


Triple AAA, also known as the Automobile Association of America, is a car insurance firm offering various coverage options. They include collision, liability and comprehensive coverages. They also offer additional benefits such as rental car reimbursement, roadside assistance, and a deductible that disappears. This feature lowers the collision and comprehensive deductible by $50 per period, and you are completely free of claim. Other options for coverage include total loss replacement, which pays for new models of vehicles when yours is totalled and a loan/lease gap which is what’s left between the vehicle’s current market value as well as the balance of your loan or lease. The rates and the coverages can vary from state to state. Triple AAA sells its insurance in certain states directly and is broker and refers customers to an insurer from a third party in other states.


Triple AAA is best known for its roadside assistance, but it also offers auto insurance. In certain areas, it is an agent which sells insurance plans to other insurers such as Progressive and State Farm. In other instances, the company sells its policies directly. Whatever the company’s role, it will offer discounts to help its customers cut costs on automobile insurance.

Certain discounts are available, such as multi-car discounts that could save you as much as 27 per cent off your insurance premium if you are able to insure more than one vehicle the owner of the policy regularly drives. The firm also offers a brand-new car discount that could reduce your insurance premium by as much as 30 per cent for vehicles under three years old. Other discounts include loyalty discounts which can save you as much as five per cent after a year of insurance. The company also offers discounts for drivers with safety features installed on their vehicle, like airbags and seat belts with motors. The company also offers discounts for homeowners and drivers with excellent driving records.

Other discounts available from triple Aaa insurance include the advance purchase discount that allows you to save 10 per cent by settling the full 12 months’ rate upfront. The paperless discount could save money by allowing an automatic payment deduction. The company also provides discounts on driver training classes and discounted odometer readings that can save up to 19% off your insurance costs.


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