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Following twenty years on TV, some might believe that there’s not considerably more NCIS can do to amaze people. Indeed, it seems to be season 20 did precisely that, since watchers were left shocked by the bombs dropped all through the portion.

In the range of 22 episodes, fans saw monstrous changes for the gathering of government specialists, including Jimmy (Brian Dietzen) admitting his adoration for Knight (Katrina Regulation) by freely proclaiming it before his colleagues. But the big cliffhanger about Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), who went undercover in jail to learn more about a rumored Russian terrorist attack, was what really got people excited. He found solutions, however he found somebody who might open a few dim mysteries he never anticipated imparting to anybody.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that people are already anticipating a 21st season given the unexpected twist at the end. Fortunately, the show got reestablished for one more year, with substantially more coming up for our number one group. This is what’s in store from NCIS season 21, including its delivery date, cast, spoilers and that’s just the beginning.

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