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Lawyers Near Me
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You should consider several factors if you are looking for lawyers near me. For example, it is essential to ask how you can reach the lawyer and how long it will take to reply to your correspondence. Busy lawyers are likely to have systems in place that streamline their workflow. Likewise, you should follow their workflow to ensure they get back to you as quickly as possible.


LegalShield is a membership-based network of lawyers near you. The company charges a monthly fee, ranging from $49 to $169, and gives subscribers free consultations and 25% off their hourly rates. It also offers a no-risk, no-obligation model that allows subscribers to cancel anytime. However, subscribers should be aware that LegalShield lawyers cannot help you with pre-existing conditions.

The LegalShield network consists of seasoned lawyers. These lawyers, on average, have 22 years of experience and are dedicated to providing legal assistance to LegalShield members. Their service is a valuable asset for those who need legal advice or protection. Thousands of people have benefited from LegalShield’s services. It’s also one of the most affordable legal protection plans available.

While the LegalShield network provides legal services, it’s important to remember that the company doesn’t sell physical products. However, the company has been sued for misleading advertisements and misrepresenting income statements. In one case, a Mississippi jury found Legal Shield guilty of deceptive advertising. However, the company has settled many claims.

The LegalShield network comprises 900 attorneys in 39 law firms in all 50 states. Members can use the app to call a legal firm whenever they need assistance. They can also submit traffic tickets, start documents, and more. The company matches users with qualified attorneys within the network.

The LegalShield network has three plans that offer 360-degree legal assistance. Members receive free consultations with attorneys in various areas of law, as well as free 30-minute consultations if they live outside of the network. Members also receive discounts on services, ranging from 10% to 25%.

Chamber of Commerce

When you need legal advice, your local Chamber of Commerce is one of the best places to go. They provide free legal consultations, access to attorneys, and other benefits to members of the local business community. Many chambers offer free membership to entrepreneurs. For more information, contact your local Chamber of Commerce or Small Business Development Center.

Women’s or men’s support group

If you’re in the legal field, you may be interested in finding a women’s or men’s support group near you. These groups offer emotional support as well as legal information and resources. They also offer regular webinars and podcasts that can be extremely helpful.

Public defenders

If you have been arrested and need the services of a Public Defender, you can apply for them near you. The application can be done online or in person at a local office. The application can also be printed out in Spanish or adapted for people under 18. A list of offices and a map of districts can help you find one in your area.

You must contact the office at least five days before your court date to apply for a Public Defender. It is also important to remember to contact the Public Defender office that is listed on the back of your ticket. If you don’t get an appointment with them before your court date, you can leave a message with a Deputy Public Defender. They will return your call as soon as possible. When leaving a message, indicate that you need help right away.

Once qualified as a public defender, you can ask if you can use an interpreter. Interpreters are available to assist during consultations, interviews, and court proceedings. Many public defenders are bilingual, so you can benefit from their services if you need help with your Spanish or another language.

In New Jersey, indictable crime defendants have the right to hire a public defender. In most cases, a defendant cannot afford his own attorney. He must fill out an Application For Public Defender/Court Appointed Counsel in a Criminal Case JDF208. If applicants fail to fill out the application, they can lose their case. Alternatively, an out-of-custody applicant can apply for a public defender at any Public Defenders Office.

The Public Defender’s Office is a branch of the government that provides legal services to indigent defendants. The office is independent of private interests and political considerations and works to ensure that indigent defendants receive ethical, timely, and cost-effective legal representation. It also helps ensure the effective operation of the criminal justice system.

Lawyer referral services

Lawyer referral services are a convenient way to find a lawyer near you. Lawyer referral services operate around the clock and can match you with a lawyer in your area specializing in your legal issues. They may have multiple listings available for you to choose from, and many of these services provide background information on the attorneys you’re considering.

The services usually work by checking that attorneys are in good standing with the state bar and have professional liability insurance. Lawyers participating in these services can provide a one-half-hour consultation for around $35. After this initial consultation, the attorney will discuss your case with you and determine whether you need to set up additional meetings or if you’d like to authorize further legal action. The attorney and the client will evaluate fees after the initial consultation.

The service can be beneficial if you’re unsure whether you can afford an attorney. The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service can help you. This service matches you with an attorney based on your specific criteria.

Another excellent service is the West Virginia Lawyer Referral Service. This free service matches you with a lawyer in your area specializing in law. Using this service, you can also find attorneys with experience in your state’s courts. They also offer 30-minute consultations for a fee of $25 or less. This is a great way to determine whether or not you need a lawyer, and there is no obligation to hire them afterwards.


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