Breaking News: Tokyo Revengers Season 4 Release Date & Everything We Know

A brief trailer and a release window have finally been set for the third season of Tokyo Revengers. The second time of Tokyo Revengers finished up in April 2024, segueing away from the Christmas Standoff bend and driving into the following part of the story. The anime studio revealed that production on the following season had already begun following the conclusion of the current one. Presently, there is at long last a time span for when fans can anticipate that season 4 should start – and it is sooner than initially accepted.

Tokyo Revengers is a time-travel story in view of the manga of a similar name by Ken Wakui. It started serializing in 2017 and closed in 2022, crossing 31 volumes. The anime is being adjusted by Liden Movies and is coordinated by Koichi Hatsumi. The principal season started circulating in 2021, with the subsequent season having started early this year. Taking into account the hole between seasons previously, fans were sure the series wouldn’t be back until the following year – yet this won’t be the situation.

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