Lucifer COMING BACK For Season 7 – Everything You Need To Know!

The popular television series Lucifer debuted on Fox in 2016 for the first time. It was subsequently gotten by Netflix after its dropping following the third season. In view of DC Comic books, the show follows the lead protagonist, Lucifer Morningstar, a person made by Neil Gaiman and played by Tom Ellis, who leaves his high position in damnation and gets comfortable Los Angeles, where he runs a club and assists the LAPD with settling wrongdoings.


In Walk 2022, Netflix declared that Lucifer would return for a seventh season, much to fans’ energy around the world. The release date of Lucifer Season 7 is one of the most anticipated events for fans of the popular TV show.

Here, we will find out about the conceivable delivery date of the seventh season and more about the show.


Let’s take a moment to review the previous seasons of Lucifer as fans eagerly await its release. Throughout the span of its six seasons, Lucifer has investigated the perplexing connections between its characters while winding in heavenly components and procedural wrongdoing settling.

Tom Ellis portrays the show’s protagonist, who has undergone a significant transformation from a devilish Los Angeles nightclub owner to the ruler of hell. En route, he’s had many highs and lows, incorporating going gaga for the LAPD criminal investigator Chloe Decker, played by Lauren German. The couple faced new challenges in the sixth and final season, including dealing with the consequences of Lucifer’s decision to return to hell. With the stage set for another part in the story, fans anxiously guess what’s to come in Lucifer Season 7.

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