King the Land Season 2 Confirmed : Here is Everything you need to know!

On the off chance that you love K-pop and lighthearted comedies, you should have proactively gone gaga for “King the Land.” This brilliant series stars two supergroup superstars, YoonA (Lim Yoon-a) from Young ladies’ Age and Junho (Lee Jun-ho) of 2PM, as inn staff whose underlying conflicts in the end bloom into an endearing sentiment. Made by Lim Hyun-ook, Chun Sung-il, and Choi Rome, the show takes us on an excursion with Gu Won (Lee), a successor to a strong business realm, and Cheon Sa-rang (Lim), a lively lodging representative gave to her work.

The science between these characters is going to get cute. King the Land has gathered a seriously following since its introduction, which has caused fans to hypothesize on the off chance that the show will have a Season 2.

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