Is Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 2 occurring?

Indeed! Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 2 is underway, as indicated by NME. We don’t know many insights concerning the new season the present moment, however it’s affirmed to be underway, and that implies it will probably be accessible to stream on Netflix after it airs in South Korea.

Back in 2022, because of the outcome of the main season, the President of the organization ASTORY (the organization behind the raving success Korean show), Lee Sang-baek, uncovered that there are plans briefly time of the habit-forming show, however we should hold on until 2024 to see it.

“On account of the help of many individuals, we will deliver season two of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The objective is to air season two out of 2024.”

Notwithstanding, as per Computerized Spy, in spite of the positive update from the organization Chief, the situation with the show actually isn’t true as a ultimate conclusion lies with ENA, the channel that communicates the experiences of Woo Youthful Woo in South Korea. By the by, in the event that it works out, a 2024 delivery date looks entirely plausible.

Moon Ji-won is composing the content for Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 2

NME refered to a Dispatch report that affirmed Moon Ji-won, the essayist and maker of the series, is composing Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 2.

Tragically, it’s presumably not going to occur for some time. The report referenced that Moon Ji-won won’t compose the season promptly as they’re dealing with another element film in 2023.

This is the very thing that ASTORY referenced about season 2, through Soompi:

“Since Moon Ji Won is as of now occupied with the arrangements for her film, she can not compose the content immediately. We figure she will actually want to begin setting up the content decisively after she wraps up her film toward the start of the following year.”

Thus, it seems to be the contents for season 2 won’t be done until 2024.

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