Ashes Of Love Season 2 Confirmed : Here is Everything you need to know!

Ashes of Love Season 2 Cast

Yang Zi portrays Jinmi, Deng Lun portrays Xufeng, Luo Yunxi Runyu Wang Yuifei Suihe, Chen Yuqi Liuying and Zou Tingwei Qiyuan.

Ashes of Love Season 2 Plot

Ashes of Love’s story is packed full of suspense, betrayal and passionate Love. Zifen, the Flower God who can see into the future, organizes the baby shower because she believes that her daughter will be involved in a love triangle for the first ten years of her life.

So she offers her daughter Jinmi the pellet that will keep her from becoming the Love of her life.

As of when Xufeng in the Fire Realm joined Jimmy’s life, all things in the Flower Realm were running according to plan and without a hitch.

One time, in The Heavenly Realm, she chased him to meet his half-brother Runyu who was who was a Night Deity. Things get awkward as the brothers begin to be in Love with Jinmi.

The brothers’ fight is getting underway. After identifying that she is the originator of her power, Jinmi is duped by Runyu and is killed by Xufeng. To exact vengeance against Runyu, Xufeng was reborn as her former form, the Demon King.

Jinmo is determined to stop the chaos in this tense situation by offering herself an act of sacrifice. After 5100 centuries, Jinmi reincarnates as Xufeng completes his quest to find his beloved.

Fans scream during Ashes of Love’s emotional conclusion because it is incredibly touching. There is no anymore recurring storyline for the next season.

Since the 2nd season wasn’t renewed, The Ashes of Love season 2 storyline still needs to be developed.

So making any predictions regarding the coming Ashes of Love season will be pointless. We’ll keep you updated in our next article if it is confirmed that the series is revived shortly.

Soon after the birth of Jinmi, Zifen, the Flower Deity, was killed; in the ten thousandth year following the birth of her daughter, she knew she would have to contend with a significant love test.

Ultimately, she grants Jinmi an enchanted ball that prevents her from expressing her Love for her before she dies.

In the Flower Realm, Jinmi grows to become a low-level immortal. Her peaceful life is interrupted when she meets the Fire God Xufeng who decides to live in the Heavenly Realm.

After convincing Xufeng to join her in The Heavenly Realm, Jinmi encounters Xufeng’s half-brother, the Nighttime deity Runyu.

Additionally, she has to deal with her princess Sui He, who is close to Xufeng’s mother, the Divine Empress and Sui He believes will one day marry Xufeng.

Two Xufeng and Runyu are both interested in Jinmi and due to the pellet Jinmi accidentally getting caught in an affair between the two brothers, they eventually become adversaries due to Jinmi and the Holy Empress’s plans.

She also discovers she actually is the daughter of her living Water Deity as well as the dead Flower Deity.


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