7 Signs That Your Dog Has a Fever (and What to Do While You Wait for the Vet)

In the event of discovering if someone is suffering from a fever diagnosing the condition isn’t too an issue. It’s as simple as using the thermometer. A digital number will resolve the issue for you in just a few seconds. With puppies, it’s a different tale. The thermometers of dogs and the dog don’t necessarily mix. Therefore, be aware of the indicators that a fever could be manifesting within your dog.

Pironix would like to provide valuable signs to tell you if your dog is suffering from a fever.


They have red eyes.

If we take a close look at our eyes, the eyes of a healthy dog are bright and bright. If they are reddish or appear tired, your ruff-ruff dog will most likely suffer from canine fever.


He appears to be deficient in enthusiasm or motivation.

The body is attacked by fever which weakens the body. Dogs are generally busy, roaming the house looking for a friend willing to join in with their play. If they appear tired and do not seem eager to interact or communicate, it is essential to take this sluggish attitude as a sign of a fever.


He’s lost his appetite.

Alongside tiredness, a lack of appetite in the dog is among the most frequently reported and alarming indications that something isn’t just right. Consider feeding him and giving him some time for play. If there’s no reaction in his response to any stimulus and the food he loves isn’t even touched by him, you might want to consider this as a sign of fever.


The ears and nose of the dog are warm to the contact.

One of the most coveted spots for your pup’s skin would be his nose. A healthy puppy’s nose must be fresh, clean, and humid. A dry or overly hot nose could be an indication of a fever. Another spot to examine is the ears. They must not be over the average body temperature: They shouldn’t be hotter than the rest of his body.


He’s shaking.

Dogs are known to shake when in stressful situations. For example, if there are more people around than usual at home. In such cases, there’s no reason to panic. This is a normal stress response. If their shaking is coupled with tired eyes, physical strain, or any of the symptoms discussed above, it’s recommended to consult a vet.


He’s coughing.

If a puppy coughs with a violent rage, it indicates it could be suffering from a form of illness or inflammation in its internal organs. These conditions cause the body’s temperature to increase because the body is trying to fight off harmful bacteria. If the cough continues and persists, you must consult a medical professional.


He vomited.

The idea of a vomiting dog is pretty standard. If it’s due to an upset stomach or the dog ate something that shouldn’t be, the issue is nothing to worry about. The problem occurs when we observe that he is sicker more often than usual, and we realize that he was eating well and then got ill.


What should you do before visiting the veterinarian?

After contacting a vet, there are a variety of options we can take to reduce the symptoms of fever for our pets during the interim:

  • Utilizing a sponge, saturate the dog on the armpit and muzzle areas.
  • Bring him to a cool place where he will be more at ease.
  • Serve him cold water to drink, and the body temperature is likely to decrease.
  • Ice packs should be placed on his legs and head. Be careful not to cause him any discomfort!

Being sure to take your pet to the vet on time is vital to your beloved pet’s healing.

Have you or your dog ever had a cold? What can you do to ease their fever until they see a vet? Comment below in the comments section!


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