365 Days: Part 4 Netflix Trailer (2024) | First Look | Release Date | Everything We Know So Far!!

The Clean suggestive film 365 Days debuted in 2020, and Netflix previously delivered the two spin-offs, 365 Days: This Day and The Following 365 Days, this year. Based on a trilogy of Polish novels by Blanka Lipiska, the movies have sparked controversy, with some critics claiming that the erotic films glorified rape.

Will There Be A Fourth 365 Days Film?


In spite of the pundits’ thought process, the 365 Days motion pictures ended up being well known on the real time feature, and many fans from everywhere the world have observed each of the three films on Netflix.

Yet, perhaps of the greatest inquiry presently is: ” Will there be 365 Days 4?”. Look down underneath to peruse the most recent updates up to this point.

365 Days: This Day and The Following 365 Days were shot consecutive in 2021, so it’s not shocking that they were both delivered around the same time. The third film, The Following 365 Days, was simply delivered on Aug. 19, and it didn’t give a reasonable consummation.

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