34+ Funny Text Conversations Between Parents and Their Kids

If it weren’t for the parents of our grandparents, we wouldn’t be where we’re today. These parents have dedicated their entire lives to our upbringing, and we’ll forever be thankful for that. But no matter how much we cherish them more than anything else does not mean that we shouldn’t occasionally be a bit irritated at them for being dumb.

What is the meaning?

Words can be challenging to come up with nowadays. This is why a lot of things are reduced to acronyms; for example, “IDK” means “I Do Not Know”, as well as “TTYL”, which stands for “Talk To You Later.” These make communicating with one another much more quickly when the person you’re speaking to understands what they mean.

It’s safe to say that this mom doesn’t fall into this category, which is why she requested her child to describe them. However, she misinterpreted the child’s answer as being unsure and decided to inquire about their sister instead.

You live only once

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the term “YOLO.” This means “You Only Live One Time” and is the phrase people use to justify something nefarious. The mom in question is probably familiar with the concept or knows it’s a well-known phrase.


It’s likely that she was throwing it in the air when she was telling the child she was cautious about driving on icy roads. It seemed a bit more sinister than what would have been the response telling her that it was not intended to be an official warning.

You forgot your phone.

The odds of anyone leaving their phone in the modern world are very slim. Since so many people are so attached to their devices that they’d be unable to get them back in the event of trying. But, it seems that one person managed to leave their phone in the house, which led their father to discover it.


The man decided that the best option was to inform their child know that they’d lost the device. However, it appears that they made a rather naive mistake in doing this.

For similar products

With social media becoming so well-known, users have fallen into the habit of posting daily pictures of themselves. Certain of these are more artistic and are designed to get likes like this one. Unfortunately, certain parents aren’t aware of this idea.

This is why the mom who took her son’s picture wasn’t able to comprehend what he had done by using his hands. She instructed him to take another picture that didn’t obscure his face, which would initially defeat what the picture intended.

He will be missed.

Emojis can be a wonderful method to show emotion even when you’re not talking with an individual face-to-face. They can completely alter the tone of an email, which is crucial when you want people to recognize when you’re having fun.

Of course, with the many different emojis to choose from, it’s sometimes difficult to determine which to choose. This is especially true for those who are new to these emojis and aren’t certain what they mean. The mom made the error of selecting the laughing emoji over crying.

Wow, that’s amazing!

If parents don’t know the meaning of the meaning of acronyms, they should not use the words. It could result in some incredibly confusing confusion. While parents and moms may recognize what these letters are for, sometimes they’re on the wrong side of the stick.

It’s common for people to think the idea that “W T F” is a short variant of “Well, That’s Fantastic.” The good thing is that this mom did her best with her answer. However, the bad news is that her child found out she’s totally ignorant regarding acronyms.

There’s no joke in the world.

Another instance of parents interpreting emojis incorrectly. Again, this jolly face has been used to indicate tears were the one they wanted. We’d love to see no one squealing about the loss of their pet.

It’s an awful moment when this kind of thing occurs, and this selection of emoji isn’t right. Let this mom go, but. The emoticon is crying, so we can understand the reason she might have misinterpreted the emoji as less serious than it could be.

Online Exposure

The wonderful aspect of Social media sites is the fact that they allow you to utilize them beyond just staying in contact with your friends. One thing you could do is sell items that you don’t would like, similar to what the mom shopped for with her clothes.

If you’re considering doing this, you should ensure that the images you upload aren’t offensive. The way she posted her picture is that the time she posted a picture of her wardrobe and mirror, the photo revealed more than she planned to. Thankfully she was notified by someone else.

Man in mirror

Many people are obsessed with selfies these days, but a few photos are suitable for use at work. We suppose that if you’re happy with your appearance, it’s not a shame to be taking a moment to celebrate your self-confidence. But be aware that those photos could come back to hurt you, like the situation in this instance.

A mom was required to send images of the mirror to a carpenter in order that they could make it. The only photos that she could locate were photos of her son in them in the mirrors in very modest clothes.

Left behind

If you’re feeling bored at home and want a way to spend your time, taking a trip to the supermarket is an option. If your mom is going to the store, there’s not much reason not to join her in taking a few minutes to browse the aisles.

If you do this, you’ll need to ensure that your child does not leave you behind after she’s done shopping. It should go naturally. However, confident parents aren’t great at keeping track of their kids.

Share it with social media

Thanks to social media , many people are aware of what’s happening around the world today. It’s an excellent platform for sharing information with friends and many other things.

Evidently, the person’s mother discovered something she enjoyed on one of the websites and wanted to post it on her own website. It appears that she was confused about the way things work. It’s hard to say how she is so ignorant. However, it certainly made us laugh.

Do you want some affection?

Before emojis were invented, people used to express their emotions in text using numbers, letters, and symbols to make images. It was common to create a smiley face with “:)” and the letters “3” and then create a heart with the help of “<3.” It seems that the mom in question is familiar with this type of communication…

But she’s not quite in tune with what all the images are referring to. She was convinced it was an ice cream. This led to confusion when she sent messages to her child. She realized her error in the final.

Living with an unknown

If there’s anyone who knows how you look is the ones who brought you up. In all likelihood, they’ve been around for a long time and have seen your face on a daily basis, and will be able to tell the difference between you and other people.

It appears that this mom is among the rare parents who aren’t aware of the appearance of their child. The photo was sent to her daughter, who said that she couldn’t recall it. This is probably due to the fact that it was of a person who was completely different.

It’s not what you think it is.

If parents aren’t sure about something, they often seek out trusted friends to fill in the gaps. This can be risky, especially if you ask children questions about things connected to technology.

It is believed that this woman’s son was playing a trick on her by making her believe that a specific series of symbols represented the smiley face. It was only after she shared the image with her daughter that she realized what was actually happening. At least the mom gained something new on that day.

Let’s have some toast.

It’s never easy when parents attempt to show that they’re good parents to their children but fail. This is what happened in this instance when a son said to his father, “Let’s get this bread,” and the father attempted to put his own spin on it.

At first, the man did not know what the concept was and was convinced that his son had “lost [his] brain in New York.” However, the next day, he seemed to be getting into the mood, even if he was not sure, telling his child, “Let’s get some toast.”

Do you want to repeat your question?

The person is extremely confused about what the mother is asking them, and we’re right beside them. We don’t know what she’s trying to convey. What we do deduce from this situation is the fact that she’s trying to ask the question…

However, what it could mean has certainly been out of the picture. Are ducks covered in jackets? Did muck help maggots? Can husk cause gaggles? These are great questions. However, they’re not the ones this mom was looking to find out.

Happy Father’s Day

It is important to celebrate the people who taught you regularly. However, if you do not have them, at least you need to ensure that they feel loved when you celebrate the holidays that were created to honor them. The only reason you’re here is because of people like them.

The parents are aware of this and cannot help but reflect on the times they were able to make a new life. We’re happy to hear that Dad “enjoyed the collaboration,” however, we’re sure his children will be snorting at this kind of response.

She was spooked by her kid

It’s amazing how languages change with each generation. New terms are introduced constantly and then it becomes well-known until it’s recognized in dictionary. A term that’s been used frequently in recent times is ghosting, which is the moment when someone stops talking to a person.

This is the sort of thing you’d use to talk about people who do not respond to the messages you send on online dating sites. This is not something your mother can make use of when she feels you’re not responding to her in the same way anymore.

Turn up the volume

If people aren’t communicating by using acronyms or emojis they’re doing it with GIFs. Gifs with moving images are very popular and aren’t hard to wrap your mind around. It’s not that difficult unless you’re parenting, it’s not so easy.

The father was sent an animated gif that showed Marcia Brady saying, “Sure, Jan,” to whom he said she couldn’t be heard. The kid tried to explain that they’re not supposed listen to a GIF but dad couldn’t comprehend.

The touch of the personla

In the past credit cards weren’t trying to appear attractive. They were simply cards that let you make purchases and fret about the repercussions afterward. But, the last few years have seen these cards come with many more options for personalization with the option to choose your own image as background.

It’s an excellent idea however it appears that the dad was a bit confused about the whole thing. He thought that the photo was supposed to appear as a tiny one in the corner, and not the entire background.

We don’t have all the information we need.

If people come across something funny on the internet people generally share it with friends. In the end, if you enjoyed it, there’s a good chance that your family and friends may too. The only drawback to giving it out to parents would be that they may begin asking questions similar to this which you don’t know the answer to.

Parents are prone to believe that their children are experts in the world of internet However, even we are a bit naive at times. We may know how to navigate through the internet however, we’re not psychic.

A distorted view

If you’re looking for an amazing landscape photo using a panoramic image, it is the best option. Many smartphones allow this feature and the photos usually look great, if you can hold your phone steady. If you aren’t able to hold the phone steady you might see a little distortions in the final result.

This gives you a an idea of what you can be expecting when this occurs. The father of this woman isn’t very knowledgeable in the field of panorama photos since he got his daughter some harm with these photos.

Watch your step

It’s not much more painful than listening to the parents of one you love speak things that aren’t appropriate for your age. It leaves you wondering which source they got these ideas from and if they actually know what they’re saying. We’ll declare that mom doesn’t really know the true meaning of the phrase.

She is thinking she’s using a different term to describe slipping over and falling to the ground, which is why she notified your child to be wary of the frost that was on the deck. But, she wasn’t making the right use of this term.

Did it work?

We can appreciate that parents may not be the most ideal in regards to cellphones. They weren’t raised with the same gadgets their children did. This is why we’re more likely accept their apologies whenever you make a mistake.

Be concerned that your messages aren’t getting through is an entirely normal anxiety if you’re not used to messaging. But, she ought to have realised that there was nothing wrong when her child texted to say they were having trouble. It should have cleared things up.

Suspicious parents

Parents are always concerned about their children. This is a result of love, and moms and dads simply worried that their kids might be taking a risky direction. But even if they’re trying to be good but that doesn’t mean they’re incompetent.

This mom was reportedly worried that her child could be involved in illegal substances. She believed that there were images of the substance that were on the socks of their children. However, it appears this wasn’t the case since the design was the typical leaves.


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