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by Cathrine Baekken. This familiar fixture draws inspiration from mooring buoys across the coastal towns of Norway. A soft, hand-turned wooden handle offers versatility as hanging pendant or a tabletop fixture. Used alone or in a cluster, Booi is sure to bring a beautiful glow to any room.

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by Trey Jones Studio. Dia was inspired by the unique, skewed shadows cast by light coming through a window. When you flip the switch, so does Dia as a glow of brass and light emerges at each convergence of planes. Available with a unique hand applied patina and brass interior or brushed brass exterior/interior.

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by Spry Design-Workshop. Finn was inspired by clean lines, simple forms, and a contrast between the handmade and manufactured. These elements are represented by a light built of wood, metal, and glass. Finn is named at the same time for its reflector, giving the light its sleek form, and to pay homage to the designer, Finn Juhl. It’s a true beauty that will stand the test of time in proportion, material, and style.

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by fruitsuper Design. Tri.Flor stemmed from the desire for a floor lamp that has a large room presence and a small shipping footprint. In this application, simple geometry and straightforward materials translate to captivating lighting with dramatic presence. A pendant acts as a natural addition to the Tri series and is now available.

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by Urbancase. Stokk refers to the shadow cast by a window frame. Adjustable shades turn function into feature, directing lighting accents in a unique manner. Flexible mounting provides both suggested configuration and an alternative, user-defined option. Stokk uses dynamic, clean lines to activate empty space with a light and fresh look and feel.


by Grain. Drawing inspiration from paper pendants and café lighting, Strung plays up the contrast between interior and exterior environments. The results unite maturity and festivity, offering the spontaneity of decoration while retaining a polished sophistication. The Strung series brings versatility to the table with fixtures that are transformative in nature, standing proud alone or happily clustered in multiples.


by Moorhead and Moorhead. This pendant transforms raw, planar chipboard to create an organic icon through the use of a simple, handmade pine cone. The chipboard shade is formed and slipped over the cone to create a form that is both sculptural and tactile. Chipboard light evokes freshness through material and simplicity through design, perfectly capturing Standard Socket’s philosophy of being exactly who you are.

 Moorhead & Moorhead  

by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio. Carefully chosen materials and delicate proportions make Spun a statement for beautiful, understated function. Copper and wooden details compliment Spun’s brass shade to balance color and texture. A testament to simplicity, Spun uses an adjustable back panel and choice of bulb to customize the intensity and diffusion of light. Interior components (socket cover and back panel) are available in black or white powder coat.

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