Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Beyond the Horizon – Teaser Trailer | Jenna Ortega, Johnny Depp Movie

Release Date

There is no officially announced launch date yet for Pirates of the Caribbean 6 until the beginning of June 2023. It is worth noting that the initial two Pirates of the Caribbean films were released in early July, and the final three were released in May, or around or before Memorial Day weekend. Disney usually releases movies on weekends, and when Pirates of the Caribbean 6 was to be released, one of those weekends is likely.

It is unclear whether any announcement about Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is being made. The Studio is shifting its focus to other areas and has cut over 77,000 workers and wiped out many movies off Disney+ and Hulu to reduce costs. Disney has several high-profile movies in the process of being developed which will probably be the first to get priority over a brand new Pirates of the Caribbean film.


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