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Should There Be a Pirates 6?

IfIf Johnny Depp, and Captain Jack Sparrow, won’t be returning for the sixth film of the series, is it even worth it? Apart from the ocean the iconic Captain is the only constant feature in all the films. It is logical that for the majority of fans the Pirates of the Caribbean film is not possible without Depp.

The need for Depp’s return is evident since petitions on the internet ask that Disney take Depp back. This is an extremely difficult situation however, as many fans are wanting to have Depp return to the role of Jack Sparrow, many believe Depp is at fault for domestic violence. It is not a singular issue as it was when Disney did a disservice to Robin Williams and was forced to issue a public apology. This is an issue that is more complex with no specific solution. Disney could earn significant cash by returning Jack Sparrow, but they may also be losing funds. However, the cost of all the Pirates of the Caribbean films did rise somewhat, so is the risk financially worth it?

Another thing to consider is Pirates of the Caribbean is not the live-action crown jewel to Disney, which it used to be in the early 2000s. In the past, Disney relied heavily on Pirates of the Caribbean as their main four-quadrant series and was searching for that success, launching numerous unsuccessful franchises. However, now they’ve got both Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Star Wars, producing millions of dollars. Although they’d love additional Pirates of the Caribbean films because of the brand is strength, they do not require it in the same way. They can be able to remain in the franchise for some time.

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