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Margot Robbie Pirates of the Caribbean Movie

In a brief period it was apparent that Disney changed its focus away from Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and on spin-offs. In June of 2020 it was announced that Margot Robbie would be the lead in the Pirates of the Caribbean spin-off movie. The plan was to to keep the series running, but to move it away of Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow. Christina Hodson is the person who previously wrote the script for Robbie’s Birds of Prey and is also the screenwriter for The Flash She was chosen to write the script.

Then, in November of 2022 Robbie said that her movie no further moving forward. The producer Jerry Bruckheimer, on the contrary, stated that the film was in the process of development however, they were developing the script, and Pirates of the Caribbean 6 was the main focus. Robbie is now busy, not just working on Barbie however she will also be the director of the next Ocean’s 11 film and Hodson is currently one of the many writers who are shaping James Gunn’s DCU plans. This could be why Bruckheimer added that there was an additional Pirates of the Caribbean spin-off movie in production with a younger cast.

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